Friday, December 19, 2008

Mr Chicken Rice

I have heard so much about him, or rather, his famous chicken rice at Mandarin Hotel. It got me really curious how different his chicken rice is, from the normal chicken rice stall in a hawker or kopitiam.

Years passed and I have yet made a trip down to Mandarin Hotel to satisfy my curiosity. It's the price, no question about it.

If not for my hub, I could have passed by this 'Mr Chicken Rice' shop, thinking that it's just another chicken rice eatery.

"It's owned by the Mandarin Hotel Chicken Rice chef"

That got me really excited. 'Posh' chicken rice at civilian's price? There's no time to wait!

Chicken (6/10)

I must, however, admit that I am disappointed. Putting aside the fact that I raised my expectations way too high, this chicken dish is still not on par with the standards of a typical 'good chicken rice stall'.

Vegetables (6/10)

Soup (7/10)

So what's missing here? Chef Low himself? The hotel environment? Or is this simply a case of poor expectation management? ... Or, is this really how it taste like at Chatterbox? :p Branding.

Oh, btw, if you haven't been to downtown east for years, do check it out one of these days. I enjoyed myself thoroughly when I was there! :D

Downtown East


little prince's mummy said...


Yvonne said...

hey i was at downtown east last month and i ate at mr chicken rice too!

they used to be in the downtown east foodcourt before they moved to their new space in e!hub...

i went to their foodcourt stall few years ago coz i heard that it's opened by the ex chatterbox chef but even then i thought that the chicken rice was nothing fantastic~

few years later at their new stall in e!hub, there's still nothing fantastic about it! =(

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

personally i think chatterbox chicken rice is so popular is also very much due to the high publicity. it resembles the one at chatterbox, not sure abt the taste though, must check it out soon.

where has our dear food lover gone to? miss your updates! :)

Yvonne said...

hi there...

is everything alright? been such a long time since i've seen u blog~ i miss ur blogging! hope everything's fine!

bigfish_chin said...

The chicken rice look really yummy! Mandarin Hotel, K.L?

Food Lover said...

Little prince's mummy, thanks for dropping by!

Food Lover said...

Yes, Yvonne! I read about it in your blog after I have posted mine. Both of us were at Downtown east in December! :D

Agree that Mr Chicken Rice isn't as good as what we thought it is. :P

Food Lover said...

Hey Jaime, thanks for your note! I haven't been posting but have been following your blog all these while. :)

With regards to Mr Chicken Rice, unless there are no better options around, I don't really suggest that you try. :P

Food Lover said...

Hey BFC!
That's at Downtown East, Singapore. :)