Friday, December 12, 2008

Baystreet 21

Beef Set

They gave my hub a very 'well-done' steak even though he requested for a medium-well.

Sweet and Sour fish (7/10) with rice (1/10)

The rice was very hard to chew I had to stop after 2 spoons. :(

Almond Jelly (5/10)


IMM Building


Justin said...

Personally, I dont find the food there tasty.

The chief recommendation "Tom Yam Noodle" is a true turn off.
I can only taste the sweetness and not much of the Tom Yam spice. The slice fish have got the taste of mud. Tom Yam soup and yet the fish don't taste any near Tom Yam.

I also order side vegetable, which they mention that they boil the broccoli and I request the gravy to be separated and they commit to my request, upon serving the vegetable was with gravy (and salty too). Too bad my child got to go on plain rice and I have to get bread within the mall. They also served the side dish without rice, after waiting for 10 min I have got to check if they have forgotten to note down that I request for a bowl of rice.

A total disappointing lunch for my family. The price is not worth paying, should have got for the thai restaurant on level 1.

Food Lover said...

Yes, Justin. The quality of food is quite disappointing indeed. If you have tasted the food before the renovation days, you could have agreed with me that their standards have dropped drastically.