Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baba King

Ok, I admit that the show 'The little Nyonya' did influence me, a partial Nyonya, into wanting to eat Peranakan food. :P

I especially wanted to try the Chicken Ponteh, which they kept emphasizing throughout the show.

Chicken Ponteh Buah Keluak (8/10)

The meat was very tender and flavourful but it wasn't really what I have expected - the show raised my expectations too high. :P

Beef Curry

Sambal Long Beans (7/10)

Fish Maw Soup (8/10)

Also longed to have this soup after watching the show. :P I'd say this soup is a good dish to complement the other strong and flavourful but heavy dishes. Light with a tinge of sweetness. Sedap. :)


Blur and bochup staff. There were many staff but none of them attended to us when we were standing at the entrance. Gave us 4 sets of cutlery when there are only two of us. Waiter almost wanted to put the cutlery and serviette on top of small puddles of water on the table (that they are supposed to wipe off but did not). :P

Their boss used to chat with my hub and his colleagues as they were regulars. Hub said their service used to be better when their boss was around. :P

Baba King Nonya Delicatessen Pte Ltd
1 Expo Drive, #01-31
Singapore Expo


ice said...

Isn't the 1st picture chicken buah keluak? The one with the black nuts which you scoop the innards out to eat with rice? Ponteh is Babi Ponteh?

I was also craving for Nyonya food after the show!

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Ice! I did a photo comparison on the restaurant's website and you might be right! All along I thought I was having Chicken Ponteh as that was what I have asked my hub to order! -_-"

Babi means pork? They serve 'Chicken Ponteh' over there at Baba King.

Yeah, the show induces cravings for Peranakan food with their 'melt in the mouth' lah and other similar mouth-watering descriptions. lol!

ice said...

Oh I mean I usually hear Babi Ponteh not Chicken Ponteh haha.

I think Baba King's one of the better Peranakan restaurants around but pity it's so far away! Another good one would be Peramakan at Keppel Club and this dingy homerun family eatery Dulukala at Beauty World. I want to try both!

Food Lover said...

Oh I see!

Baba King's quite out of the way indeed. I wouldn't have gone all the way there for meals if we weren't at Sitex.

I read good reviews about Peramakan too! You made me wanna go on a week-long search for good peranakan food. heh. ;)

Peggy Koh said...

Enjoyed your review - but it seems you ate there when Sitex was on, which means they must've been on their "Event Day" Menu - which is a "fast-food" quick-delivery version of their usual ala carte offering. You order at the front entrance counter and they deliver the food to you where you're seated. I've seen them on these event days and they're swamped. I think it's more accurate to base their service standard on your husband's experience when they were probably on normal service routine than yours during a trade show. Still, I have to admit their food is still very good despite the volume they do on such days - they just need to figure out how to do the same service-wise. Consistency, afterall is very important.

Food Lover said...

Hey Peggy, thanks for dropping by! I didn't know that their ordering 'system' is different during normal days and event days - thanks for sharing. Agree with you that they just need to brush up on their service to match with the quality of the food. :)