Friday, August 22, 2008

Tambuah Mas

How I love the food in Tambuah Mas!

I haven't been eating well for the past one week, but the food at Tambuah Mas really helped to pick up my appetite! :D

Snacks (8/10)
A mixture of our favourites - Keropok and peanuts!

Ayam Korma (10/10)
The chicken was tender and was easily 'cleaned' off from the bone. The gravy was so good, we actually drank it straight from the bowl instead of pouring it over the rice. Sedaaaaap! :P

Nasi Kuning (8/10)

Ahh... I can still remember the aroma that lingered in my mouth with each bite I took. So good you can even eat it on its own. :P

Tahu Telor (7/10)

It was piping hot! :) Only the tofu coated with the sauce were nice though. The rest were a lil bit bland.

Kangkong Belachan (9/10)

The spiciness in this dish was shiok! And this is coming from someone who doesn't take chilli/belachan or the likes frequently. :)

I thought it was nice of the lady to bring us a glass of cold water after we had finished our lime juice. :)

(We used our $40 voucher, so it's free!)

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