Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hip Diner Asia

Cream of Chicken (8/10)

Chicken (8/10) and Steak

Tender chicken we have here!

Dory fish and sausage (8/10)

It looked and tasted a lil bit like *white* carrot cake. :P

Milkshake (Strawberry and Chocolate) - (8/10)

Guess which is for my hub and which for me? ^^

$20+ for soup, main, two sides and 1 milkshake! - Citibank promotion

Orchard Cineleisure


Yvonne said...

hmmmmm i guess the chocolate one's for u and the strawberry one's for ur husband!

Food Lover said...

Clever girl! hahaha... most of the people would have thought it's the other way round huh? It turned out that the strawberry milkshake is actually better - not so 'heavy'. :P

Yvonne said...

hehe coz i purposely guess the other way round one! =p~~

but then if it's me i would take the chocolate one too hehe~

Food Lover said...

Reverse psychology! Very useful in Guess3. hee! Yeah... chocholate flavours are always the safer bet. :P