Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lao Beijing

Prawns (5/10)

Xiao Bai Cai (7/10)

Crispy Chicken (7/10)



Adam James Nall said...

They all look marvellous!

It's nice to find a fellow foodie. My interest is of a slightly more wordy (though still just as eaty!) nature. Do please look and comment if interested.



Food Lover said...

thanks! :)

ybother said...

Hi Food Lover,

I just wanted to let you know someone submitted this review to my website here at

I am not sure if the review is real because on your blog there is no text review but on the submission, there is quite a lot of words.

Please let me know if I should remove the submission. Thanks.

Food Lover said...

Hi ybother,

The post in your link was not submitted by me. Appreciate it if you could remove it.

Thanks for alerting!