Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cafe Cartel

I never thought I would be giving Cafe Cartel another chance again but my hub suggested that we give it a try. Perhaps that was really an isolated case or have they made efforts to improve since?

Whatever the case, I enjoyed my meal this time round.

Soup of the day (7/10)

Country Chicken Stew (8/10)

Waffle and Ice cream (8/10)

Junction 8, Bishan


Yvonne said...

i haven't been to cafe cartel in years but i went today with 2 other friends (dunno what possessed me)!

my friends' orders came way before mine and i had to ask 2 waiters and 1 manager before they finally serve me my food 40 mins later! -_-"

it reminded me why i haven't been to cafe cartel in years!

Food Lover said...

I know exactly how you feel!! Coz I experienced that before and that is why I haven't visited Cafe Cartel for a long time too, before this one.

Marina (in my previous blog) - Wrong order and long wait

City Hall - I had to wave frantically to catch their attention and in the end, I have to walk up to the Manager at the computer to place my order.

Junction 8 - Impatient waitress (2007).

Although their service was okay when I last visited Junction 8 branch (this post), I think they need to improve their overall service, ya?