Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chen Fu Ji

Appetiser (some fish strips) - 8/10

The following looks like some really posh dish you see on tv huh? The background of Suntec Shopping Centre is a giveaway. :P

Chen Fu Ji Fried Rice (8/10)

The famous expensive fried rice that created quite a stir a decade or so ago. According to their website, there is 'No hint of oil' in their fried rice. Wow, if this is true, I wonder how did they do that?

I find the fried rice good, but it's not something that I will be hooked to. My hub likes it very much - Must be the expensive crab meat on top, which ironically, I prefer to do without. :P

Roast Duck (8/10)

This is surprisingly good. :)

Barley Drink (9/10)

Must try!

We were the only customers back then and it was dinner time! There were so many staff idling around (not that they want to). I wonder how are they going to survive at this rate...

Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard

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