Friday, September 26, 2008

Self-Service Food Stations

There were times when we had to stop by at stations along the highway for our toilet breaks and lunch. This is one of the stops we had to make to appease our growling stomachs.

It's a self-service eatery, very much like the Ikea Restaurant in Singapore, whereby you queue up and pick up food along the way.

Potato Salad (8/10)

Lemon Fish (9/10) & Rice (6/10)

The fish was well marinated, slightly crispy and very much to my liking. The rice on the other hand, didn't work so well for me. It's more on the chewy side, which some people actually prefers.

Beef and baked potato (7/10)


shuey said...

You are in Europe? Hope you enjoy the trip, the potato salad ( I am a potato lover), fish and chips look tasty. :)

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Shuey! I enjoy the trip very much. :) I am potato lover too! ^5!