Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ministry of Food (MOF)

I first heard about MOF from Ice. The first thing that came to my mind then was 'Ministry of Finance'? :P Soon after, I read and heard about it so often that I knew it's time for me to pay it a visit.

Green Tea (9/10)

Chawanmushi (9/10)

Comparable to that of Ichiban's!

Egg Handroll (8/10)

Chicken Karaage (8/10)

Some Beef set

Green Tea Sundae (9/10)

Love the waffle, the sundae, the green tea ice cream and the cereals!

Kanten Jelly

From the note that comes with the sundae.

These series contain Japanese Kanten Jelly at the bottom of the dessert. Kanten Jelly is amde from the room part of plant and is rich in fibre. Thus in Japan, it is believed to have slimming effect and is very healthy.

While Kanten Jelly is totally unsweetened & tasteless, native Japanese pour the sauce (either honey/black or white sauce) over the Kanten Jelly generously before eating. MOF Black Sauce for our Kanten jelly series ia made from Black Purnes & Black Dates. Both fruits aid digestion.

I gobbled up a few because it is believed to have slimming effect... Nah! Don't think it helps in a one-time affair. hehz!

We were pretty pleased with the food. Our conversation as follows.

"How's your beef set?"
"It's not bad!"

"My chawanmushi is good too!"
"You are right!"

"I like the chicken karaage"
"The sundae is fantastic!"

"The green tea also taste better than those I have drank before"
"Absolutely agree!"

"Even the waitresses here are also very pretty"
"..." >_<' LOL

I love the speed. From the queuing, to the ordering, to the serving of food, to the billing, everything was done in a jiffy. All in all, we spent only about half an hour from the point we queue to the point we leave the place! Based on the turnover rate, MOF must have earned a lot!


Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard


Adam James Nall said...

What great looking food! Good blog as well. An enjoyable read all round (hungry now, though...!)



Food Lover said...

Thanks, AJN. A very informative blog you have there too.

Anonymous said...

I love traditional food, but many of the things you have shown are new to me - not an expert on oriental cuisine. But boy, soure makes me feel hungry.

Thanks for linking my blog.

BTW Ministry of Food, original name.


Food Lover said...

Hi AV, You may not be very familiar with Asian food yet. If you like what you see on my blog, do give it a try if you have the chance to! :)

Ministry of Food is the name of the restaurant.