Friday, May 9, 2008

Macau Pokka Cafe

There are quite a few Pokka Cafes in HK/Macau. We dined in the Macau Yaohan outlet. For those who are in my generation (tee-hee), you would probably remember that there was a Yaohan in Singapore many years back.

Two queues. The 'non-smoking' queue was at number 10 already and there were none in the 'smoking' queue. As much as we dislike the smoking area, our growling stomaches insisted that we should go for that.
What would be your priority? Breathe less polluted air and be the no. 10th or feed yourself first and puff second hand smoke? Tough decision right?

It was still a long wait after we ordered our food.

Pork Cutlet Ramen (8/10)

Must be some beef dish because I don't recall trying that.

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