Friday, May 9, 2008

HK Shangri-la

... not the hotel, but a noodle shop. :P

Seems like HK people love Cai Lan very much. Quite a few restaurants use his photos as an advertisement. :P And somehow, it worked. The restaurants with his photos are usually fully occupied.

You are allowed to choose your soup base. Either the normal one or the spicy one. If you choose the latter, you will be asked to choose from abt 8 levels of spiciness. My hub wanted medium spicy, but the waitress warned him that medium spicy is very spicy. So he went down one level. Alas, we should have told her that we are from Singapore! The spicy level was just mild, even for me!

If you want to have chu qian yi ding, it will be additional HK$2! Look how valued chu qian yi ding is over there. I think a typical Singaporean would have questioned, 'Siao ah, pay more for instant noodles?'. kekeke

I opted for the 'upgrade', anyway. :P

Pork noodles (8/10)

That's bean sprouts you see. cqyd beneath. :)

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