Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lotus Thai Viet

Whenever I go to a food court, I will usually walk one big round before deciding what to have. Sometimes, I ended up ordering food from the first stall I passed by. :P

This time, I zoomed straight into Lotus Thai Viet. I knew there are still many dishes waiting for me to try.

Minced Chicken Omelette with rice (9/10)

I wanted to order the set, which consisted of the main (above), a bowl of tom yam soup and fried spring roll. Auntie later apologised and said that they ran out of spring roll. I had no choice but to take the ala carte rice with omelette.

As I stood there waiting for the dish to be served, I started to have doubts. "Geez... is this appetizing enough to finish? It's just rice and omelette. Should I change my order? But t
here must be a reason why two others have chosen to have that too, huh?"

The omelette, as unpromising as it looked, turned out to be great! It had a light crisp on certain areas and a consistent savoury flavour throughout.

Just the omelette to go with the rice and I am contented.

I can hardly find any minced bits of the chicken though. :P

Soup (7/10)

Auntie was nice enough to offer me a bowl of soup even when I did not take their set meal.


Tiong Bahru
Food Court

Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food 观音斋

Laksa (8/10)

The cook of this dish showed me how delicious the usually bland tofu can be. Tofu, Taupok, beansprouts - all that I could ask for from a bowl of Laksa.

$2 or $2.50 (can't remember)

Blk 134
Geylang East Avenue 1
(The whole stretch of stalls belong to Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food!)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Caesar Salad (7/10)

The croutons are huge (as compared to the usual size)! Big and crunchy. I like. :)

Crayfish Parmigiana

Sauteed crayfish with spicy neopolitan topped with mozzarella served with spaghetti aglio olio

Sausage and Pepper Spaghetti (7/10)

It's a so-so meal.




Haagen Daz

On a very warm day.

Cookie with 3 scoops of ice cream (7/10)
Chocolate and cookies, rum and raisin, strawberry

The cookies were soft. Cookies. Soft? hmm... Ice cream were all good.




Friday, March 28, 2008

Seafood Harvest

I like the 'open concept' feel.

Cream of Mushroom (8/10)

Garlic Bread (5/10)

Too garlicky and no crisp to it.

Grilled Chicken and fish (6/10)


Fatty chicken skin

Wah... so glad that I sliced this piece of fat off.

Warm Salad with "Fish & Chips" (6/10)

I had enough of Fish and Chips after my last experience at Manhattan. This was my hub's. Too batter-y.

Mango Swiss Roll (9/10)

This was as good as it looked. Fluffy and not too sweet. The light but nice aroma of the mango-flavoured swiss roll still lingers. Yumsss...

$40.90 for 2 set meals that comes with soup, dessert and drink

Bugis Junction

Thursday, March 27, 2008

QQ Noodle House

I was attracted to the name of this restaurant, but was undecided whether to take the risk of dining in an unfamiliar place...

Ok, I admit that I made up my mind after seeing these. :P

Sambal Fried Rice (10/10)

This is the plate of delicious fried rice that my mother has ordered. It is of the same rating as that in Lemongrass, but tasty in its very own way. The sambal was evenly coated on each grain of rice. The whole plate of rice was hot (in terms of heat and spiciness) and I could only think of a word to describe it. Shiok!!

When she saw that I enjoyed the fried rice so much, my ever-so-selfless mother kept asking me to take a few more spoonfuls. Luckily, I managed to hold myself back from doing so, else she would have ended up taking my noodles for dinner instead. LOL.

QQ Noodles with Char Siew (7/10)

Actually it's not that bad too. The char siew and meatballs were ok. The soup was exceptionally tasty. My mother was helping herself to the soup too. hehz... the only imperfection comes from the noodles. Too chewy and 'Q' for me.

Ngor Hiong (6/10)

Even my chin-chye mother also 'hiam' that the ngor hiong are not crispy enough. A bit oily too.

$16.50+0.40 for 1 glass of plain water >_<"

231 Victoria Street
(Just opposite Parco Bugis)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sakae Teppanyaki

Salad (7/10)

Chef cooking our garlic rice. First off, the eggs.

I really like the little 'bin' at the side where the chef can dump the burnt and unwanted food into. If only I have such a big 'wok' with a bin at the side! Cooking would be such a breeze.

See the container on the right hand side? It contains the 'element' that I will be complaining on almost every single food item coming up. :P

Soup (7/10)

Garlic Rice (7/10)

Seriously nothing special. Shouldn't have spend a few dollars to 'upgrade' from the plain rice. :P

Salmon (7/10)

Not too bad! For someone who doesn't like salmon. There wasn't a strong fishy salmony smell. Tad too oily though.

Beancurd (8/10)

Probably the best dish of the day. Out of so many. :P The sweet sauce and mixed vegetables complements the tofu very well. My hub wasn't the least impressed. "It's just tofu". That's true. But when you had a whole series of food items that were only so-so and oily, this tofu really stood out. :P


They didn't have any more oysters. So they used scallops as a substitute.

I really dunno how to describe the taste of this 'thing' they called scallops. My hub pushed the whole plate to my area after taking one bite. Ay, I also don't want! >_<

Chicken (6/10)

Wayyy too oily.

Mushroom (7/10)

This mushroom dish is pretty acceptable. But again, it's the oil that puts me off. I don't remember the food being so oily when I had Korean Teppanyaki in food courts.

$49.40 for 2 (oily) chicken sets, upgrade to garlic rice and one cup of green tea

Bugis Junction

Overall, a not so pleasurable meal and an expensive and unhealthy one at that. >_<
Total word count of 'oil' and the likes in this post: 6!

Manhattan Fish Market

As with New York New York, our curiosity were aroused. Is the food really that good? Are the people at the queue know what they are in for? Or are they just waiting to find out?

At 2 plus in the afternoon, we managed to get a seat without having to queue. The restaurant was still quite packed even at this off-peak hour.

Cream of Mushroom (7/10)

Not rich enough for me.

Manhattan Caesar Salad (6/10)

So far, no other caesar salad beats my caesar salad at Spizza. None.

Fish and chips - Butter Cod (5/10)

Sorry to the many fans of Manhattan fish and chips out there. This is just my personal opinion. The fish and chips here doesn't work for me.

I ordered (presumably) the best type of fish available, butter cod, so that I can do a comparison with Greenwood. It seems like that was absolutely unnecessary. This fish and chips isn't anywhere near the standard of Greenwood. It was too oily for me and my poor stomach. I felt very nauseous for the rest of the day. ;P~~

Grilled Norwegian King Salmon Fillet

Took a bite. I didn't like it. Maybe it's just me, since I don't like salmon in the first place... maybe it's not. My hub had thumbs down for this too. :P

"Me and my old crab lives here!" This little sign on the wall did amuse me a little. kekeke


Plaza Singapura

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wongkok Char Chan Teng

Iced honey peach passion fruit tea (6/10)

Hmm.. that's a drop from the previous rating of 8. My mom and I find it too sourish.

Lemon Chicken Rice set (8/10)

Chicken Baked Rice (8/10)

It seems like I have recalled Jaime's recommendation wrongly. It should be pork chop. :P Anyways, the chicken baked rice was quite nice too. Very filling though. I couldn't finish it.


Bugis Junction

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pizza Hut Delivery

Super Hawaiin Supreme (8/10) - Personal Pan
Roasted chicken, chicken ham, pineapple chunks and diced tomato

Chicken Meatballs with tangy Neapolitan sauce (8/10)


Pin Si 品食

When I first saw the name, Pin Si, I thought it translates to '品思', a name which I find rather unique and nice, never mind what it's supposed to mean.

Then, I realised it's actually 品食. As if I have some shares in this shop, I was pretty disturbed by the mismatch. :P Erm... is that a typo error on the hanyu pinyin or is there something I don't know about the translation? :P

Anyways, we decided to give this relatively new restaurant a try.

Pork Chop with Chef's sauce (7/10)

Braised Mushrooms and vegetables (5/10)

Quite bland

Plain Rice (3/10)

Too dry and hard. It was so difficult to chew, let alone digest. The shape of the bowl is pretty unique, but that's beside the point.

'Fresh' drunken prawns served in herbal soup (5/10)

Initially, I find the soup base quite nice. Unfortunately, the prawns were not fresh and it sort of marred the taste of the soup. >_<

We were not the only ones who were dissatisfied with the food. The person on the next table actually ordered another dish because the one she has ordered apparently was rather inedible. o_O


Ok, they were friendly, they were prompt in serving but they were veeery blur.
First, we were asked if we ordered Fish with Rice, when we did not. Then, we were given some noodle dish topped with mushroom, which we thought was our braised mushroom and vegetable dish. They came along again to ask if we ordered coffee, which again, we didn't.

Don't they have some kind of systematic ordering system to follow, instead of playing the guessing game? Obviously the compartments and the many wooden pegs tucked at one corner of their counter were under- or not utilised.

Came one of the friendly waitresses with a feedback form. We don't usually comply with such requests, but this time, our urge to feedback was so strong. hahah it was mostly on the quality of the food. The lack of it, that is.

In a rush to clear the dishes, one of the waiters tripped me on my way out. Easy, man. Easy. >_<


Amk Hub
(unit for the previous Wow!Noodle)

When we were at the exit of the restaurant, my hub asked, "Are you going to come back again?"

No prize for guessing it right. It was a flat 'no'.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cathay Snacks

Just watched 'Horton hears a who', on the account that it was from the same creators as 'Ice Age'. :P

The animations were not bad, but I wasn't tickled.

I was intrigued, though, by Horton's thoughts. He believes that there are tiny people living in the speck that he sees. He feels that maybe these tiny people aren't small and that he is big. Maybe there's even someone out there bigger than him and his world, and he and his friends are actually the small ones.

"Are you looking at your reflection in the river or is the reflection looking at you? Which is real?"

I still remember this sentence from my literature teacher, even though it was more than 10 years ago. Although most of my classmates dismissed this almost immediately, I pondered over this for quite a few days with all the 'what-ifs' in my mind.

Oh ok. Enough of my out-of-the-world thoughts. :P Back to the food.

I watched Horton at AMK hub. I must say that this cineplex really offered a good variety of food for cinema goers. I even saw cakes at the display. :P Just want to share what I had.

Breaded hotdog (8/10)

Would be better if it was served hot.

I was too busy taking photos to notice... :P

Cathay Cineplex

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thai Express Bistro

"I am waiting for you at Thai Express"
"Huh? Why Thai food again?"

"I thought you like Thai food?"

Thai food was probably not what I have in mind for dinner back then. At least, not at Thai Express. But well, it was really nice of hub to suggest a place in which he thought I like, so I went along with it. Besides, he was already in the restaurant when he called. :P

Green Curry Chicken (6/10)

The chicken was quite rubbery. :P Bangkok Jam's green curry were certainly better.

Square Tofu (8/10)

Comes complimentary with Standard Chartered card. Goes very well with the Thai sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Meatball Tung Hoon soup (9/10)

Probably just what I need, after the recent series of heavy meals.



Raffles City Shopping Centre

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kenny Rogers

So near, yet so far.

That was what I felt about House of Sudanese when I entered Kenny Rogers, which is just next to it.

My hub didn't get to have his Kenny Rogers for years... and yes, because I didn't want to. :P I've never liked the food there. I had my chance at Sudanese, so I guess it's only fair that he had his.

It was a complete different feel after the renovation. The last time we were there, it was still a dimly lit restaurant, with tables so near to each other, one can barely move around. And now...

Spacious. Brightly-lit. Clean cut. I prefer the current setting.

Chicken Caesar Pita (5/10)

Chicken was very dry and bland.

Italian green beans (6/10)

Potato Salad (7/10)

1/2 chicken (6/10)

I find the chicken dry and bland too.

Whipped potato (3/10)

I thought whipped potato can never go wrong. This whipped potato proved me wrong. It was totally tasteless.

Cheese Macaroni (8/10)

My hub's favourite. He likes cheesy stuff (pun intended). This dish was not bad, but it was so filling that I got sick of it after a few spoons.

Chicken Clear Soup (9/10)

I must give credit to the soup. It's delicious, with strands of chicken, a good mix of celery and a few unknown spices. I should have ordered just two bowls of this and probably a side.

Of so many items and main courses offered, to think the soup was actually the only thing that I liked in this restaurant. :P


Suntec City Mall
#B1-063 064

See that BIG crowd at the bridge? They were walking at 1 step per 2 seconds.

Oh yes. I was at the IT show AGAIN. -_-"