Friday, June 19, 2009

NUS Claypot Rice

I was at NUS today and although it wasn't meal time, I couldn't resist walking down to the science canteen (not too sure what it is called now) to order claypot rice. Beancurd claypot, to be precise. Just looking at it makes me smile.

I wanted so much to tell Auntie that I came to this canteen JUST for her claypot, but was afraid that it was too much info. :P

While waiting for the food to be heated up, I realised that they have won quite a number of awards and they were actually the winner for that Felicia Chin school canteen show! I was so happy to see that because I really think they deserve it.

Auntie accidentally hurt herself when she brushed her fingers against the extremely hot claypot. That's when she started to share with me how she refused to let her customers change the orientation of the claypot for their own good, but some of them refused to listen. She even showed me all the red marks on her hand resulting from the burns in her daily course of her work. :(( So guys, if you are having claypot at NUS science canteen, just be nice to Auntie. She may look fierce, but she's a nice lady.

Food wise, I still prefer the taste few years back (wonder what's missing), but there's still a sense of happiness after I have finished the food. :)

Getting nolstagic, perhaps. :P