Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seasons Reasons

Autumn Passion (9/10)

All the goodness in one jar! :)

Pasta Goreng? (8/10)

I thought that was a nice try to 'goreng' pasta. A tad dry though.

Ichiban Boshi

Chawanmushi (10/10) - Must Try

Silky smooth! Best I ever tasted. I like it so much that I ordered another immediately after I finished the first!

Potato Croquette (8/10)

Can't remember the dish name
but I do remember that my hubby didn't like it. (2/10)

Ice Cream (8/10)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mr Teh Tarik

The much raved about 24-hours restaurant. Sorry to disappoint, the food are so-so only. Good place for chat at late hours though.

Teh Tarik (8/10)

Mee Rubus (7/10)
The gravy tastes more like satay peanut sauce. :P

Egg Roti Prata (7/10)

Mushroom prata (7/10)

Too creamy.