Friday, October 31, 2008

Ichiban Boshi

We have been to Ichiban Boshi for quite a number of times before. This post is specially dedicated to a very efficient and friendly staff at Suntec Outlet - Mary.

Thanks to her, our experience at Ichiban was even better than before. Just to cite one of the few things she did that night.

1) She was very prompt and efficient, to the extent that before we finished ordering our food, my favourite Chawanmushi arrived at my table - piping hot. Yes, it's that fast! She asked her colleague to bring it out while we were recollecting the food that we wanted to order. :P

2) She came to our table frequently to check if all our orders are here and rushed the kitchen staff even though we did not ask her to do so!

3) She helped me pick up a card that I dropped when she saw that I was in an awkward position to get it.

Overall food rating - 8/10

Just a few photos to share.

Mini Cha Soba

comes free from the 'stamps' that we have collected.

3 Temasek Boulevard Unit B,
Suntec City Mall

$40+ (even after $20 'stamp' discount)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant

Bags of Treasures (8/10)

Monkey head mushrooms (7/10)

Vegetarian Satay (7/10)


541 Orchard Road,
Liat Towers #05-01

Friday, October 24, 2008

HK Kim Gary Restaurant

The long queue and all the extreme good/bad reviews got me curious.

When I saw that there was only a duo in front of us, I quickly prompted my hub to stand in the queue. "What's this restaurant?" he asked. To think he has never even heard of Kim Gary nor seen the queue! >_<'

We were lucky to get the window seat!

Soup (7/10)

Pork Chop Baked Rice (8/10)

Chicken baked rice in two sauces (6/10)

Honey Lemon (8/10)

Aloe vera drink (5/10)

Peanut butter toast with condensed milk (6/10)

I thought that was what Ice recommended. It turned out that I got mixed up! Excuse: I read the post more than half a year ago! :P

My hub and I were 'fighting' for the areas covered with peanut butter and condensed milk because the 'coverage' was simply too little. They should be a lil' more generous in the spread.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We got this from hub's colleague's baby showers.

Gobi mini cakes (9/10)

It was so yummy, that I popped another into my mouth immediately after I finished one. ^-^

Disturbingly Delightful Desserts.
Pity my hub didn't even try a single one (not that I left him with none). :P

For those who are getting cakes for baby showers or as a Christimas gift (they have other varieties), do consider them!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rajah Inn (Lunch Porridge Buffet)

If not for Yvonne, I wouldn't know that Rajah Inn serves Porridge Buffet during lunch time!

Porridge Buffet (7/10)

The food is decent, nothing short of those you find in food courts/kopitiam. For the variety and the price of $6.90 per pax, I'd say it's value for money!

Tiong Bahru Plaza

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am not surprised to read bad reviews about this restaurant, because I too, had tasted really bad food here before. And it was on the occasion when I suggested to dine there in an outing. I was a bit embarrassed by the lousy recommendation that I have made back then. :P

Maybe 'inconsistency' is a better word to describe the food here, for all the food were to my liking on my previous visit.

Drinks (8/10)

Mushroom Soup (8/10)

There are whole mushroom chunks (not bits) in the soup - quite uncommon for a reasonably priced restaurant like this.

Caesar Salad (7/10)


Chicken Steak (9/10)

Tiong Bahru Plaza

Friday, October 3, 2008


Before we travel, we were strongly encouraged to try the nutella crepe in spizzico. Aren't we glad that we took this advice!

Nutella Crepe (10/10)


Soft, thin layers of crepe filled with rich, chocolatey nutella. One bite sends the excess brown substance oozing out from the crepe and to the corner of your mouth, which you quickly, but subtley licked off.

Two very simple ingredients combined to give you that ever-so-satisfying treat, leaving you to ask for more when the box emptied.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Italian Pizza

Pizza (9/10)

Do not belittle this ordinary looking pizza. It may not have rich toppings (in fact, it has nothing more than tomato!), but with its thin and crispy crust (albeit charred), it's pizza at its best.

This is the first time I manage to finish four slices of a pizza at one go!

ooo... he's one happy Italian chef.

Hot dog bun (6/10)

I think they better stick to what they are best at - pizzas.