Friday, May 30, 2008

Rajah Inn

Tahu Telor (8/10)

Steamboat - Pork in chicken soup base (9/10)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pu Tien

I have been racing against time recently. So do pardon my irregular postings. Due to time constraints, I decided not to post some of the moderate / not-so-tasty food. Here's one of the better restaurants I've been to recently. Enjoy!

Homemade Beancurd (9/10)

You will never go wrong by ordering this dish.

Sweet and Sour Pork in lychee (9/10)

The additional ingredient - lychee makes a difference! In novelty and in enhancing the flavour. Alas, there were some fatty meat in the dish - else it would be a perfect 10.

Spinach in salted egg and century egg in supreme stock (8/10)

Herbal Prawns (9/10)

I wanted to take photo in the bamboo container but my brother was too quick to ask the waitress to dish the contents in bowls for all of us. :P I love the soup even though it's herbal, something I usually don't like to take. Almost every table had this dish. Enough said huh? :)

Take note of the name. There are many Pu Tien's in Singapore. Some are its outlets, some are just... you know lar... :P In fact, there's another Pu Tien within a 2 minute walking distance from this one. It's not too difficult to judge which is the better one. One has a huge crowd and probably a queue at the entrance. The other has many empty tables. :P

$86 for four persons


127 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208514
(Prepare for some walking if you are going there by MRT. You will pass by the 'imitation' restaurant first...)

Friday, May 9, 2008

HK Fairwood

At the Airport. I finally had the chance to have our meals at Fairwood. I love the logo! Tilt it at any angle and he is still a happy man. :)

Some special pasta combo (7/10)

Wanton Mee Soup (8/10)

I had tried too many Wanton Mee soup during my stay in HK but none deserves a mention. There was once I had really great dumplings (super fresh prawns inside) but the mee wasn't as good. I decided to give one last go at Fairwood. Afterall, that's one of HK's must-try dishes, no?

It wasn't the out of the world kinda wanton mee soup, but it didn't disappoint me. In fact, it was overall the best I have eaten in HK.

HK He Hong Ji

Recommended by HK Tourism board wor.

Porridge (8/10)

Porridge was not bad. Watery and yet each grain has that sticky texture that a typical good bowl of porridge would have. You have to pay additional for a plate of you tiao, which I don't really recommend because it is pretty cold and oily. The hot glass of tea, as with many other restaurants, are complimentary and served once you are seated.

HK Yee Shun Milk Company

This was strongly recommended by our friend.

We searched days along Nathan road for it, only to find out muchhh later that it's at causeway bay. >_<" Phew... managed to have it on the last day.

It has the smoothness of a good soya beancurd in Singapore, but carries the taste of milk and ginger. That's all I can say. The first few spoons was like wow. Maybe because of the novelty and the fact that we travelled far to try this! We got bored of the taste after a few spoons :P It magically did help soothe my sore throat and ease my running nose though!

Steam milk? (translated from Dun Nai) with ginger - 8/10

HK Shangri-la

... not the hotel, but a noodle shop. :P

Seems like HK people love Cai Lan very much. Quite a few restaurants use his photos as an advertisement. :P And somehow, it worked. The restaurants with his photos are usually fully occupied.

You are allowed to choose your soup base. Either the normal one or the spicy one. If you choose the latter, you will be asked to choose from abt 8 levels of spiciness. My hub wanted medium spicy, but the waitress warned him that medium spicy is very spicy. So he went down one level. Alas, we should have told her that we are from Singapore! The spicy level was just mild, even for me!

If you want to have chu qian yi ding, it will be additional HK$2! Look how valued chu qian yi ding is over there. I think a typical Singaporean would have questioned, 'Siao ah, pay more for instant noodles?'. kekeke

I opted for the 'upgrade', anyway. :P

Pork noodles (8/10)

That's bean sprouts you see. cqyd beneath. :)

HK Maxim's

aka Mei Xin Xi Bing. It was everywhere. Some of the outlets are only like 1 minute walk apart!

Don't you just want to bring the little (happy) prince back? I did!

Little Prince cake (8/10)

Macau Pokka Cafe

There are quite a few Pokka Cafes in HK/Macau. We dined in the Macau Yaohan outlet. For those who are in my generation (tee-hee), you would probably remember that there was a Yaohan in Singapore many years back.

Two queues. The 'non-smoking' queue was at number 10 already and there were none in the 'smoking' queue. As much as we dislike the smoking area, our growling stomaches insisted that we should go for that.
What would be your priority? Breathe less polluted air and be the no. 10th or feed yourself first and puff second hand smoke? Tough decision right?

It was still a long wait after we ordered our food.

Pork Cutlet Ramen (8/10)

Must be some beef dish because I don't recall trying that.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Macau Gold coin biscuits

Gold Coin biscuits (8/10)

Macau Pork Burger

We tried a few of the so-called famous pork burgers in Macau. So-so only.

Macau Egg Tarts

No wonder they say Egg Tarts in macau are a must-try. I second that!

Portuguese Egg Tarts (10/10)

Soft and sweet egg fillings. Very nice.

Had a second go after half an hour or so. :P

Macau Zi Wei Man Wu

I was drawn to the restaurant by it's name and logo.

Famous Pork cutlet meal (7/10)

Comes with Macaroni (8/10)

Ham with Chu Qian Yi Ding (9/10)

I guess instant noodles is their specialty. :P

They a group of super efficient workers. Served with tea the minute you sit down (ok, that's pretty standard), bill with list of items you ordered within 15 seconds. Food served within 3 minutes. Cleared all the dishes on your table at one go. >_<"

Macau Fatburger

It was voted as the best burger in LA and Vegas wor.

Beef burger meal

I didn't try the burger, but the skinny fries (yes, they had skinny and fat fries to choose from) was reaally good!

Macau Cafe Deco

That was before we realised that there's a food court in Venetian too. :(

Soup (3/10)

I struggled to finish this bowl of expensive soup.

Fried Rice (8/10)

Would be better if it is not flooded with green pepper and onion.

HK Fish noodles

Pork strips with special sauce (7/10)

The noodles were thin and Q, but the pork were too hard for chewing, let alone digestion. :P

Fish noodles (7/10)

The fish cake were good, but overall, this dish is quite bland.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HK Crepes

Chocolate and Cream (10/10)
Love the soft, thin crepe!

The other flavours.

How it was made.

What goes inside the crepe we ordered.

The real thing.

HK Bubba Gump

Inspired by Forrest Gump. The name is way too cool.

This is the default sign when you don't need any help. The waiters/waitresses will 'run' along and do their stuff.

If you need help, you don't have to call out to them. Just use the 'stop sign'... I still prefer to signal/call them. :P

No idea why they used this pingpong bat for their drinks menu.

Caesar Salad (6/10)

Forrest Gump drink - mixture of strawberry/banana/oranges/ice-cream (back), Mango Sparkler - mixture of Orange, Mango, 7-up (front) - 8/10

Dumb Luck Coconut Shrimp (8/10)

Don't ask. :P

Mama's Southern Fried Chicken (10/10)

Love the food! Quite ex though - Ard S$100 for a meal for two.