Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant

For someone who doesn't take sashimi or try something different, Bento's a safe bet. :P

Tenpura Bento (7/10)

I would rate the food in this bento average, but the potato salad was exceptional! I can have just one whole plate of that for my lunch!

Salmon Sashimi

My hub enjoyed this dish, but felt that the salmon he had last year at Nogawa were better.

Don't you agree that it looks very appetizing with the flower? :D

Half Cooked Salmon Belly Sushi

My hub was full of praises for this...

... and this.

Half-cooked Scallop and prawn sushi

These half-cooked sushis, according to the waitress, are very popular in the restaurant.

22 Scotts Road
Goodwood Park Hotel


red fir said...

Welcome back! :)

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Ice! And to your recommendation as well. My hub enjoys the meal. :)