Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Thank you so much, my dear readers, for asking after me when I have not been posting for so long. Especially to Yvonne and Jamie! You girls are the sweetest. :)

All these while, my camera hasn't stopped clicking... but most of the food photos are either still tucked somewhere in my PC or have not even been uploaded! :P

I can't commit that I will post as regularly as before, but I will definitely share the better ones whenever I am free, as a form of appreciation to my readers and to alleviate some of my guilt for 'abandoning' this site. :PP

I will start off with Tatsuya, a nice Japanese restaurant recommended by Ice in her blog.

More back-dated blogs below.


Yvonne said...

你回来了! *hugs* =D

Food Lover said...

Yeah, 回来了! kekeke. Yvonne, remember to reply my email yah? ;)