Monday, September 6, 2010

Mom's Cooking - 6 Sep 2010

Sweet and Sour Fish (5/10)

The sauce was good, but the fish was not very fresh.

Braised chicken with mushroom and chestnut (8/10)

Nai Bai chye with Garlic (8/10)


Anti Aging Pork Rib Soup (9/10)

How I love Mom's cooking soup! :) That's the main reason for continuing their services month after month.


Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry I have to hijack this post. I came to this blog cos you mentioned that you are sort of "ending" the other blog. I wanted to ask which model of the Sharp Water Oven you are using, cos I am really interested to get it after reading your blog. The website shows AX-1300V & AX-1500V, so need to check which one you are using? Are you able to kindly advise? Many thanks!

Food Lover said...

No worries... I am using neither as mine was the first version. The two that you mentioned seem to be the later models. I might be buying one of the newer models soon, so if you have any feedback on the oven you have bought, would appreciate it if you could drop me a note here... Thanks! :)