Friday, October 30, 2009


What is it like for a foodlover not to love food?

I can't imagine, but I don't have to.

I didn't like food one bit for the past few months... and I still don't.

The food blogs that I used to enjoy reading so much doesn't appeal to me anymore. Even tv programmes related to food turn me off.

At times, food have to be forced down my throat, simply because that's the only way to stay alive. How sad does that sound to you?

I am glad that this is only temporary and my appetite is likely to pick up soon. :)However, I will certainly look at food from a different perspective from then on.

If you are a food enthusiast, please do count your blessings for... '能吃是福'


red fir said...

Hey dear, what happened? You all right?

shuey said...

What happened? Hope something good is happening to you. :)

Food Lover said...

Hey Ice, I am fine. Thanks for your concern! ;) Keep blogging. I am counting on your recommendation for my next Jap treat. :)

Food Lover said...

Hey Shuey,

You know best! hahaha *wink wink*

Michelle said...

Maybe it is stress?
Hope you get to feeling better and enjoying food again soon.
BTW, the pic of the fries made me hungry- they look so good you want to reach out anf gobble then up :0)

Food Lover said...

Thanks, Michelle! :) Should be back in action in another few months.