Sunday, April 20, 2008


A day to celebrate! And because this is a special occasion in favour of my hub, I of course had to include his favourite Japanese food in the plan!

I did extensive research on Japanese food and chanced upon Nogawa again. Nogawa was what I have shortlisted for a feast last year but did not eventually go with it because of the steep pricing.

I have decided to go ahead with it this year... Anything for my hub! :)

I happily called up Nogawa @ Orchard a week before to make a reservation, only to realise that they are closed on Sundays! Grrrr... :( The other and only alternative is to have it at Sentosa. I really want my hub to try one of the better Japanese food around, so I compromised with the need to travel.

We were the only customers seated in the restaurant throughout, as all the other customers had their food delivered to them at the open area. :P

Set Lunch
Clear Soup · Raw Fish · Grilled Dish · Simmered Dish · Deep-Fried Dish· Mixed Sushi · Miso Soup · Dessert

I will only be showing pictures for the set lunch. No ratings as I did not try most of the food.


Raw Fish / Sashimi

My hub said it's the best he has tasted so far. Very fresh, he added.

Clear Onion Soup

Grilled Fish

I tried a piece and it was like 'wow!'. I never expect a fish to be grilled to such perfection. No charred areas, yet every inch of the fish has that nice grilled smell.

Simmered Dish

Deep Fried Dish

This is one of the two CMI dishes that my hub dislike. :P

The bones

Since it is a tempura, I would expect that the bones are edible. But... ew... I don't think I want to swallow that in!

Assorted Sushi

The eel sushi didn't work for my hub. It was like 'yucks'. The rest, according to him, was good.

Asari clam (short-necked) soup - (Thanks, Ice!)

Even with the additional ingredients, my hub find that it tasted the same as the miso soup I was having. :P

Dessert - Watermelon / honeydew

The honeydew is sooooo sweet and I enjoyed every bite I took.

Dessert - Kumquat (or kinkan)

The kumquat (Thanks,Ice!), a natural produce from Kyushu, was really nice. It's like a smaller version of the orange and the interesting thing is, you can eat the skin. In fact, we were asked to eat the skin as it's the sweestest part of the whole fruit. What an experience. Alas, we only had one to share because we only ordered one set lunch. :P

Rosemary tea / "hojicha" roasted green tea - (Thanks, Ice!)

Didn't like the bitter taste. I was told it was only served in higher end restaruants... :P

Katsu Don (8/10)

Katsu Don in Nogawa? Are you kidding?

But yeah... that's the $18 katsu don I had. hahaha What a huge contrast as compared to my hubby's $100 lunch set. Well, I guess I wouldn't have appreciated the lunch set with all the sashimi and stuff. So this good ol' katsu don is more than enough for me.

Taste wise, not so much of a difference when compared to the Japanese restaurants I have been to, but the meat is less fatty and that's a huge plus point already. :)



Sentosa Golf Club
Nice place. I guess I will never have a reason to get near the place if not for Nogawa. :P


red fir said...

hey dear, for exquisite Jap fare which ranks quite on the same platform as Nogawa that opens on Sundays :p, you can try Sushi Yoshida at Devonshire Road (very near killiney road). They serve set lunches on Sundays too. Price is nett and starts from $30++ if memory doesn't fail me. They do serve tonkatsu etc. if you are not keen on the raw department. But I swear their sashimi is premium. Verily! :)

And do continue on your Jap food exploits!

Food Lover said...

hahaha one more choice for my hub. He will be delighted to know.

Thanks, Jap cuisine queen! ;)

red fir said...

you're welcome! :)